Yashodha Plastics

Our company is one of the leading plastics & PET accessories manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. Yashodha Plastics specializes in the manufacturing of PET preforms, PET bottles, containers and other kinds of plastic parts for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries, for both local and foreign markets.

Our company comprises a team of specialists that has been in the industry for many years. We take pride in continuously working towards improving our products , product range and quality with the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years and the support of our dedicated staff.

Why Choose Yashodha Plastics

  • A wide range of products, all under one roof, to cater to any customer requirement
  • Lightweight, strong, Eco-friendly preforms and bottles in many designs and colours
  • Our PET bottles are 100% recyclable which helps ensure sustainability for the future
  • We have been operating for over 27 years as a successful business and take commitment, integrity and customer satisfaction very seriously, providing you with the best service
  • Our mass production facility helps reduce our costs and provide customers with low cost packaging solutions to increase their profitability
  • We have a loyal team of staff that has been with us through the years that will help and assist to find the best solution for your business

Commitment to quality & customer service

We are committed to achieving the highest quality in the PET Industry and improve our systems continually to reach our goals.

We believe that developing our staff methodically and promoting team spirit improves our customer experiences and partnerships. Striving for continuous improvement in all areas allows us manage resources effectively and to thereby provide a valuable service to our customers.

Our Clients