Product Description


Our preforms are carefully polished with flash-free necks, high transparency along with uniform wall thickness. The preforms are designed in such a way, that material gets rationed evenly while blowing, thereby making absolutely sturdy bottles.

This also helps us to stick to a no-rejects guideline and keep our clients satisfied.

Our preforms are widely known for their glass-like transparency, lightweight and freshness retaining ability. We offer a wide  range of preforms in various sizes, colors, and designs to select from, making us a one-stop solution for all  your PET preform manufacturing requirements.


PET preforms can be used to  produce containers for storing of mineral water, juices, liquor, soda, sparkling drinks, edible oil, confectionery, nuts, spices,  food items, pharma products,beauty products & cosmetics etc.



  • Excellent gloss & transparency
  • Higher output on the blow moulding machines
  • Zero rejection rates during blow-moulding
  • Higher- strength containers from low perform weight, increasing cost effectiveness
  • More uniform distribution of material, allowing the use of a lighter weight preform for the same container volume